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Gear Forward– Frequently Asked Questions
What is Gear Forward?

Gear Forward is an independent nationwide non-profit that provides gear to non-profit community organizations, youth groups, and charities working with young people in the outdoors. Founded by Scott Gauvin, Gear Forward aims to encourage people to donate unused outdoor gear they no longer want or need. Gear Forward also seeks partnerships with outdoor retailers and manufacturers to encourage donations of unused gear or donations by customers.
What does Gear Forward do with the donated gear?

All donated outdoor gear that is reusable and fit for purpose is offered to non-profit community organizations, youth groups, and charities working with young people in the outdoors who have an existing need registered with Gear Forward. On occasion gear that is donated and not fit for use by youth may be sold on the Gear Forward website (, all proceeds from sales of this nature go to support Gear Forward and its goal of outfitting the next generation of adventurers.
How do I donate my gear?

Advise Gear Forward of your intent to donate outdoor gear to Gear Forward, please click this link fill out the form and we will contact you and coordinate the best way to help us satisfy an existing or future gear need.
If you wish to donate scouting uniforms please click this link.
What can I donate?

The short answer most outdoor gear and equipment can be donated to Gear Forward. Traditionally Gear Forward is always in need of sleeping bags, sleeping pads, tents, and backpacks. For a list of active needs per organization and state visit our website at

How does Gear Forward select possible beneficiaries?

If you represent or know of non-profit community organizations, youth groups, or charities working with young people in the outdoors that could benefit from Gear Forward please let us know. Potential beneficiaries will be verified by Gear Forward Ambassadors and the Executive Director.
How do beneficiaries use the outdoor gear from Gear Forward?

All Gear Forward beneficiaries are encouraged to create a gear pool to ensure the maximum number of young people over the longest period get the benefit of the donated gear.
I represent a gear company/retailer and we are interested in learning more about Gear Forward. Awesome! Please contact us to talk about how we can partner to help kids in need.
I really like what Gear Forward stands for and what the non-profit is doing and would love to get more involved. Great! Would you be interested in serving as a Gear Forward Ambassador?
If you have any ideas or suggestions as to how we can improve Gear Forward please contact us.

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