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Gear Forward is a nation-wide non-profit organization aimed at helping other non-profit outdoor-themed organizations to get kids outdoors by providing outdoor gear and scouting uniforms. Not all kids have all the resources necessary to be properly equipped to enjoy the outdoors and seek adventure. Gear Forward is here to ensure that youth who want to frequent the outdoors and hone outdoor skills have the necessary equipment to do so. Gear Forward is excited to learn about your non-profit and how we can help equip the youth that you serve.

There are two ways to work with Gear Forward to source gear for your outdoor non-profit. The first and suggested option is to fill out the form below. This form will get processed by Gear Forward. We will work to make contact to potentially get more detail about your organization and needs to see how best we can work to facilitate the filling of some or all of your gear needs. 

The next option is to get involved in our State Facebook Groups. This is a great resource to find local gear within your state to help satisfy some of your gear needs and keep local gear local, minimizing cost to the donor and Gear Forward. To access the link of Gear Forward State Facebook Groups click here. 

How to Become a Gear Forward Beneficiary 

We will be in contact with you soon regarding your gear need.

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