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Being A Gear Forward Ambassador

So, you have heard about Gear Forward, this is awesome. Now you are wondering what being a Gear Forward Ambassador is all about. Being an ambassador sounds kinda cool, doesn't it? The Gear Forward Ambassador Program was established to further the reach of Gear Forward, our mission and goal. Our present Ambassadors are from all around the United States. Gear Forward's goal is to have an Ambassador in each state and may be more in some states that require more attention based on needs. 

So what does a Gear Forward Ambassador (GFA) do? At a minimum, a GFA promotes Gear Forward on their social media platforms, websites, and blogs if the GFA maintains a public profile and works in their local area to promote awareness of our mission. 

In addition to promoting Gear Forward, the GFA is charged with engaging their local outdoor community of which they usually are already heavily engaged. The GFA is encouraged to work within their outdoor community to develop opportunities to generate gear donations and more importantly identify gear needs within organizations that support getting kids outdoors.  Gear Forward is all about keeping local gear donations local to help those kids in need where the gear came from. 

Creativity and thinking big are definitely encouraged in the GFA Program. Meeting our goal in each state may look different, but as long as kids in need get the gear they need to get outdoors... then we have met our goal.

As GFA's, you will pass along the opportunity to get outdoors and the appreciation for nature and being in the wild.  While this is a volunteer opportunity, being able to give back in this way is more than the payment for your efforts. From time to time as a GFA, you will have the opportunity to personally deliver donated gear to host organizations in need, usually directly to the kids in need. This experience is something very special, that you will remember for a long time. A sleeping bag or tent is something you may use while on a weekend camping trip or hike, but to a child who doesn't have his/her own, it is the key to adventure.

In the future, Gear Forward and our partners will be offering ways for GFA's to collaborate together, exchange ideas on how to generate needs, and offers of donated gear as well as opportunities to get outdoors ourselves. Yes, we need to have our fun too. Opportunities to get outdoors together like this will remind us all why we are a part of this organization. Constant reflection of the people, organizations, and opportunities we had when we were kids that led us to a life of appreciation of the outdoors will keep us motivated to help the next generation. 

If this opportunity sounds like something you are interested in, please visit our Gear Forward Ambassadors page to apply.


Scott Gauvin

Executive Director, Gear Forward

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