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Gear Forward and HydroBlu help Limitless Transition Services in Utah

​Today’s youth are exposed to a variety of negative factors making them more at risk of injury, academic failure, and poor health.  Teens are likely to be more at risk when they lack a strong support system. Many face economic, social, and emotional issues.  Limitless Transition Services is, “an organization that helps young adults who are @risk acquire self-worth and learn necessary skills to transition into adulthood.” Founder and Director, Nicole Broberg and Associate Director Annie Munk, have dedicated themselves to help these kids develop the tools they need to enter adulthood equipped to be successful.  ​Limitless Transition Services provides opportunities for growth through experiential activities.  LTS works closely with these kids to assist them through academic requirements for high school graduation.  They also provide real-world business skills by manufacturing and selling their own line of flavored salts.  Salt of the Earth, are blended gourmet salts blended and bottled by the kids who then market the product online and in local farmer markets.  Being involved in a functioning business setting, the kids learn real-world skills that will aid their transition to adulthood and enter the job market with marketable skills.  One of the other essential experiential activities that LTS facilitates is adventure opportunities.  Nicole and Annie have provided an environment where these kids can be involved in a safe and welcoming peer group.  Spending much of their own resources to outfit the kids is difficult.  

​Gear Forward’s mission to “Outfit the Next Generation of Adventurers”, has partnered with various groups working with youth by providing the gear needed to get outside and experience the great outdoors.  Often, kids without the financial resources to have basic outdoor gear are unable to be involved in having an adventure and outdoor opportunities.  At Gear Forward, we believe every kid deserves a backpack, sleeping bag, and tent, the fundamental items to allow them to escape momentarily in the wilderness.  ​ Gear Forward has partnered with a variety of sources to get the resources and gear to outfit our next generation of adventurers.  One such partner is HydroBlu.  Located in West Jordan, Utah at the foot of the Wasatch Front mountain range, HydroBlu has designed and manufactures water filtration systems for outdoor enthusiasts.  Aaron Kirkham, Marketing Manager for HydroBlu was eager to help Gear Forward when learning of our mission and our desire to help Limitless Transition Services.  HydroBlu generously donated backpacks and a pressurized water filtration system for the group.  Aaron also mentioned a desire and commitment to help with future needs for Gear Forward.  

Gear Forward is a grassroots organization.  All it takes to make a difference in a young person’s life is for someone to donate a gently used or new item of outdoor gear.  There is enough surplus gear sitting in people’s basements, sheds, and garages to easily outfit a generation of kids.  There are also costs associated with logistics, financial donations are also needed and greatly appreciated.  You can also show your support by buying a Gear Forward sticker or T-shirt.  All proceeds go directly to outfit the kids.  In addition to individual efforts, partnerships with companies like HydroBlu who may have factory blemished items or excess inventory available can also make a world of difference.

Gear Forward is a 501(3c) charitable organization.  All donations are tax-deductible.  If you would like to make a difference by helping Gear Forward assist organizations like Limitless Transition Services, The Boy and Girl Scouts of America, and many others.  Please visit our website at and get hold of one of our Ambassadors if you would like to engage Gear Forward. 

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