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Gear Forward Giving Tree

In an effort to ensure that Gear Forward meets our goal of accepting donations from or providing donations to all fifty states by the end of 2016 and stock our shelves for the rush of donations requests we anticipate in early 2017 we have created the Gear Forward Giving Tree. Our giving tree program is all about providing a multitude of options for people to donate to Gear Forward and help support youth in need around the country who desire to be outside. 

So, how can you help? Our traditional methods of assistance still apply, so if you have a sleeping bag, tent, or backpack that is still in a good and usable condition we will be happy to accept it by simply filling out the form here.

Another option for donating to Gear Forward while out and about this season is to simply pick up a gift card to an outdoor retailer or even a department store that sells outdoor gear items. If you purchase a gift card please contact us to let us arrange for shipping. The gift card will be utilized to purchase gear to then be shipped to youth in need who are a part of an outdoor themed organization.

The Gear Forward Giving Tree allows people who wish to directly impact youth in need of two ways to donate. You can financially donate an amount to allow Gear Forward to purchase a new sleeping bag, tent, or backpack to help youth in need or purchase a piece of gear for donation while out and about shopping. 

If you wish to help Gear Forward financially to purchase gear:

Tent - $100.00

Sleeping Bag - $30.00

Backpack - $60.00

To donate to Gear Forward as part of our Giving Tree Program click here.

If you have purchased new gear to donate to Gear Forward please fill out the form to donate the new gear.

Watch the Gear Forward website and Facebook page to monitor our progress.

Thank you for your continued support!

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