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Gear Forward is now International

Less than a month ago, we announced the goal to reach donations from or to all fifty states in the United States prior to our first anniversary at the end of the calendar year. Since the announcement, our partner Hike By Faith who is spearheading the #LHX2017 event in April 2017 to support Gear Forward has broadened Gear Forward's reach into Canada.

We are happy to announce that while we are still striving to reach our fifty state goal we are now also working with our Canadian partners from #LHX2017 to support worthy organizations who are in need of outdoor gear to assist in getting at-risk youth in need, outdoors.

Our first organization that we are hoping to support in Canada is the Take a Hike Youth At-Risk Foundation. The following is the present need identified by the foundation:

20 Backpacks of at least 65 liters in size.

20 Down or Quality Sync Sleeping Bags of at least 0 Degrees, long length is preferred.

22 Sleeping Pads

In order to keep costs of shipping down, we are looking specifically for donations from Canada to assist this foundation.  Please let us know if you would like to assist Gear Forward in outfitting the Take a Hike Youth At-Risk Foundation in Canada


What does #LHX2017 stand for? Good question. It stands for Laurel Highlands Experience 2017.

When: April 23-29, 2017

Where: Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail, Pennsylvania

What is it: A five-day backpacking trip beginning on the north end of the trail and ending at Ohiopyle, the south end.

Distance: Seventy Miles

We are bringing a diverse team from all over the U.S. and Canada from the outdoor community known for their social media interaction to connect in person on the trail sharing our experiences, skills, and ideas to inspire others to get outside, connect with nature, and connect with others.

Through this event, it is our goal to encourage people to donate gear to Gear Forward to help equip the next generation for adventure. Each team member is giving back in their own way as well as reaching out to collect donated gear.

Do you have a tent or sleeping bag in storage not being used? Will you consider helping us by donating your unused or new gear?

Do you know a non-profit organization, Scout Troop, or faith-based organization that is in need of camping gear for their programs? Then we want to know who they are, where they are located, and what they need.

Each member has been handpicked for their various outdoor skills, but the main reason…they all have a desire to give back and pay it forward.

In the months to come leading up to #LHX2017, we’ll post updates here on our website. You can also follow us on Instagram and Twitter

The #LHX2017 Team

Gear Forward

Hiking the Trail

Epic Social Adventures

Teton Sports

Mountain Matron

Taiga Adventures

Jason Cleghorn

Iris Morales

Off The Face

Hikes Across America

Hiker Steve

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