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Gear Forward is working to assist Weld County Boys and Girls Club in equipping them for adventure

Gear Forward has taken on a need in Colorado to assist in providing outdoor gear so that the youth of the Boys and Girls Club of Weld County, Colorado can begin to explore the backcountry of Colorado this summer. Presently, Gear Forward is in need of 10 backpacks, 4-5, 3 person tents, 10 sleeping bags, and 10 sleeping pads to allow the youth to get outdoors. If you have the gear you would like to donate to this effort please contact us

The Boys & Girls Club of Weld County is headquartered in Greeley, CO, which is about an hour northeast of Denver. We serve approximately 2,500 youth each year in our school year and summer programs. Many of these children are from low socioeconomic families and have never had the opportunity to spend time in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado; many have never left their hometowns before becoming a Boys & Girls Club member. Boys & Girls Clubs youth face tremendous obstacles. Some have volatile home lives, cope with language barriers, or suffer food scarcity. These are symptoms indicative of growing up in a community where childhood poverty is higher than average in the state of Colorado. At the Boys & Girls Clubs of Weld County of Weld County, we strive to “level the playing field,” and provide growth, opportunity and hope for the youth who need us most.

We believe that the “mountains speak for themselves,” and outdoor experiences can be transformational for the children and teens that we serve. It is our goal to take these youth members into the Rocky Mountains for a multi-day backpacking trip so that we can foster life-changing experiences. For many of our kids, this would be a once in a lifetime opportunity. This is an ambitious goal and goes above our past expeditions and beyond what most Boys & Girls Clubs offer for their members. Our kids can look to the west and see the continental divide from about 60 miles away. With your help and the right equipment, these kids will get the opportunity to visit the natural beauty of the Rocky Mountains up close for the first time. 

Mission Statement: To inspire and enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, responsible, and caring citizens.


Facebook: Boys & Girls Club of Weld County

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