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Help Gear Forward Help the Scouts of Puerto Rico

A few weeks ago Gear Forward received a request from a Cub/Boy Scout Troop 2212 from Coamo, Puerto Rico. The troop is very active and looking to return the boys to the outdoors and back to their scouting advancement. Unlike most needs Gear Forward receives which usually call for personal gear like tents, backpacks, and sleeping bags... Troop 2212 needs some troop gear to replace demanded or destroyed gear from the Hurricane. 

Below is the request letter sent to Gear Forward from Troop 2212.

Unfortunately, Puerto Rico has had a difficult year.  On the morning of September 20th, 2017 Hurricane Maria – a powerful Category 4 hurricane with 150 mph winds — made direct landfall on the Island, bisecting the entire country and drenching it with feet of rain and devastation. What’s happened since has been truly catastrophic.  It’s been several months since this disaster and yet many places remain with no power or potable water to drink. There are limited food and cell service, and dozens of remote villages have been completely cut off from everything for weeks.

Recovery has been slow, but we are resilient and working hard towards getting things back to normal.  Needless to say that our Boy Scouts Troop 2212 from Coamo, Puerto Rico has remained committed to continuing to provide unique experiences for our children, everyday adventure, and the chance to help others to make a positive impact in our communities.  Despite our loss, our spirit and will remain strong.

In this time of need, we are humbly accepting any assistance that will provide for our Troop 2212 the necessary means to continue our scout's mission and outdoor activities.  The following is a list of desirable articles:

1.1 x Outdoor 3 Burner Stove 

2.2 x Outdoor Folding Table

3.2 x Outdoor Portable Cooler 

4.2 x Large Plastic Storage Containers

5.1 x (5 Gallon) Beverage Jug

6.2 x Outdoor portable showers

7.2 x Large First Aid Kits

8.Large Cooking Pots, Pans and utensils

Our deepest thanks to those who are able to contribute.

Troop 2212

Gear Forward is honored to help return scouting and the opportunity of outdoor learning and advancement to these young boys. We also applaud the parents and adult leaders who even after their struggles and hardship continue to provide this wonderful opportunity to the young scouts.

In order to meet this need Gear Forward seeks your support in donating to our Facebook Fundraiser to support Troop 2212 of Coamo, Puerto Rico.

Thank You!

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