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New Gear Forward Partner - Multimok

Gear Forward is pleased to announce another partnership with a gear company that has a passion for building great gear and for giving back as well. Multimok is a company that manufactures a very interesting hammock, like nothing you have ever seen before. Based in Utah, Multimok creates hammocks that are both rugged yet comfortable.

Curious about the Multimok? Here is some information from their site to pique your interest.

If you understand the advantages of a multi-tool you'll quickly see why the patent-pending Multimok is for you. Sure, it can be used as a regular hammock, but the ways it can be configured are too many to count. Use it as a chair, a taut surface, a bed, a double hammock, a canopy, a monkey bridge, a pack, a gear sack, a tree stand, etc. When you realize what a Multimok can do, you'll have one in your grab-and-go gear for camping, relaxing, or just for wandering the great outdoors.

The Multimok is not contending in the lightweight division of hammocks. We're dominating the heavyweights. The Multimok for adults will easily hold loads of 2500lbs. This allows the Multimok to be tasked with the most challenging requirements—in any variety of settings—for solo or double occupancy.

Everyone needs a place to hang. With a Multimok, almost anywhere can be that place. The Multimok is an upgrade to a parachute hammock and solves many of the traditional challenges of hammocking. Once you have a Multimok you'll discover that you can easily remove other gear from your camping and hiking arsenal, like; a camp chair, a tent, a ladder, a bed, a camping pad, an underquilt, a canopy, and more.

So… you interested now? Good! Let us explain how the Gear Forward and Multimok partnership works and how it benefits you and kids in need. After taking a peek at the Multimok website and making a decision to purchase a hammock from them, if you visit and follow the instructions by sending them your gently used parachute style hammock, Multimok will provide you a $50 dollar credit towards your new Multimok hammock.

After your transaction is completed, Multimok will coordinate with Gear Forward and donate your hammock to us. Gear Forward will work for outdoor themed non-profit organizations around the United States to ensure your hammock ends up in the hands of needy youth. What could be simpler?

For more information visit or

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