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The First Big Day for Gear Forward

was a huge day for Gear Forward. While the website, social media and idea have been alive for weeks, we were waiting for today to kickoff this concept. Today our sister Hiking Forward co-hosted #hikerchat with Teton Sports to discuss the topic of giving back. A successful and engaging chat was had by all who participated today in #hikerchat. Discussions of how the outdoor community at large gives of their time, money and efforts to the outdoors themselves, outdoor themed organizations and our youth were had. In the final moments as the hour of #hikerchat was coming to a close the final questions arose to the masses engaged in #hikerchat. 

And, there we go! Our first real partnership is born. Teton Sports is sending their Mountain Adventurers around the country this summer to engage the outdoor community via their #yourlead campaign. Hikers who come in contact with the van will exchanging old or used gear for new Teton Sports gear via it's trade up program. The gear that is collected via this program will be donated to Gear Forward and then provided to kids in need around the United States. 

Check out the Periscope by Shawn Parry discussing their project and our engagement in it.

To get engaged in the program check out:

Yourlead on Twitter / Instagram 

Much thanks to Teton Sports for engaging with us in our project and understanding the vision of Gear Forward.

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